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SouthWest Hydroponics & Organics is your green-thumbed partner for productive hydroponic gardening in San Diego! Let’s set you up for sustainable success. We provide everything you could possibly need to grow healthy plants of all varieties–from lights and nutrients to growth media and atmosphere control.

We offer the most knowledgeable (and friendliest!) customer service in town. And with regular low prices, special sales, discounts, and on-line specials, we’ll keep your wallet as healthy as your garden.

Transform your gardening experience into a highly efficient system. No more mess, no more toxic chemicals, no more environmental conditions outside of your control. Save time, space, energy and resources while increasing quality yield. We truly believe that hydroponic technology is the way of the future–and we want to empower YOU. No question or concern is too big or too small. At SouthWest Hydroponics & Organics, we do it all!


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